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Educating practice members in achieving and embracing a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Sam Camarata is a second generation Chiropractor to his late father, Dr. Anthony "Tony" Camarata. Dr. Sam grew up embracing the Chiropractic lifestyle, receiving regular adjustments since birth.

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On-site Digital X-rays

To see is to know...not to see is to guess..and we won't guess about your health!

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NeuroThermal Assessment

The NeuroThermal scan utilizes infrared light to detect Nerve Interference along the Spine identifying hidden stress/dysfunction in the Nervous System between your Brain & Body.

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Torque Release Technique

The most up-to-date, advanced, results driven neurologically-based corrective care chiropractic technique!.

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What Our Patients Are Saying!

  • Going to the chiropractor in general is a great feeling, it rejuvenates you BUT going to DOCTOR SAM rejuvenates your mind, body AND spirit. I have never met a more…
    Amber A
  • I used to regularly wake up 2 times or more during the night, but the same day I started getting regular adjustments, my sleep dramatically improved. I've slept through every…
    Nichole L
  • Dr Sam is incredible! I’ve only had 3 adjustments so far, but I’m already feeling a change for the better. I have had migraines for a while now, I’ve seen…
    Courtney F
  • Camarata Chiropractic is such an amazing family practice. Dr Sam is very knowledgeable and has a passion for helping his patients. I've had TMJ for years, he was the first…
    Jessica P

We're all about wellness.

Certified for Pregnancy Adjustments

There are so many benefits to being adjusted throughout your pregnancy! Pregnancy is a precious gift and we want to keep your wellness and health a true priority!

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