What Are the Best Sleeping Positions for Pregnant Women Experiencing Back Pain?

Published October 18th, 2023 by Camarata Chiropractic

Sleep is a vital aspect of our well-being, and its importance multiplies when one is expecting. With the joy and excitement of pregnancy come certain discomforts, and back pain during sleep is a frequent complaint among pregnant women. So, what can be done to mitigate this pain and ensure restful sleep throughout pregnancy? Let’s explore the best sleeping positions for pregnant women experiencing back pain.

Understanding the Source of the Back Pain

Before delving into sleeping positions, it's crucial to understand why back pain is common during pregnancy. As the baby grows, the body's center of gravity shifts forward, putting additional strain on the lower back. Moreover, hormonal changes in pregnancy can soften the ligaments that support the spine. Both these factors can contribute to back discomfort, especially during sleep.

Best Sleeping Positions for Pregnant Women

1. Side Sleeping (SOS)

The SOS (Sleep on Side) position is often recommended, especially as the pregnancy progresses. Lying on the left side is preferred as it ensures optimal blood flow to the baby. When adopting this position:

  • Place a pillow between your knees to keep your spine aligned.
  • Use a supportive pillow under the head and neck.
  • Consider tucking a small cushion or rolled-up towel under the abdomen for added support.

2. Supported Reclining

For some pregnant women, especially in the earlier stages, a slightly reclined position can be comfortable. Here’s how to get into a supported reclining position:

  • Use pillows or a wedge to prop up your upper body.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent and consider using a pillow underneath for support.

3. Avoiding the Back and Stomach

Lying flat on the back can put pressure on the major vein responsible for returning blood to the heart, potentially causing dizziness. On the other hand, stomach sleeping becomes almost impossible as the baby bump grows and can put strain on the neck and spine.

Other Tips for Reducing Back Pain

Invest in a Good Mattress and Pillows

The surface you sleep on plays a significant role in your comfort. Invest in a mattress that offers good support and ensures your spine remains aligned.

Regular Stretching

Gentle stretches, particularly before bedtime, can alleviate tension and reduce back pain. Prenatal yoga classes can also offer poses and stretches tailored for expecting mothers.

Stay Active

Regular low-impact exercises, such as walking or swimming, can help strengthen the back muscles and reduce pain.

Chiropractic Care

Regular adjustments at trusted chiropractic centers, like Camarata Chiropractic in Rochester, NY, can help address misalignments and reduce back pain. Our dedicated team, serving Western NY and North Chili, NY, is trained in prenatal chiropractic care, ensuring safe and effective treatment throughout your pregnancy.

Wrapping Up: Prioritize Comfort and Safety

Sleep is invaluable during pregnancy, providing the rest and rejuvenation both mother and baby need. While back pain can be a challenge, adopting the right sleeping positions and seeking expert care can make all the difference.

If back pain is affecting your sleep and daily life, don't hesitate to reach out to Camarata Chiropractic. Let us support you in this beautiful journey to motherhood.


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