7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Chiropractor! (Video)

Published June 23rd, 2019 by Camarata Chiropractic

Whether you currently have a chiropractor, or are looking at the benefits Chiropractic care can potentially offer you and want to find the right Chiropractor for you, these are 7 questions should consider asking!

  1. Do you take digital spine postural x-rays to visualize the structure of the spine??
  2. Is your goal to restore healthy optimal functional within the body or only symptom relief?
  3. Do you preform neurological, muscle and posture evaluations??
  4. Do you take progress X-rays and evaluations to show structural and neurological changes??
  5. Do you provide care for pediatrics, children, teens and adults??
  6. Do you offer wellness and maintenance chiropractic care following corrective care?
  7. Do you specialize in and offer specific chiropractic care for pregnancy patients? And, are you an ICPA member?


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